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It is the policy of the school to accept any pupil living on Mersea Island, whose parents request a place, subject to a place being available. The geographical situation of the school on a tidal island some miles distant from any other school necessitates this policy. The Governing Body will take every step to increase the teaching area at the school by additional building development to meet the existing and future needs of the community it serves.

Details regarding school applications can be found here.

Our Admission Policy sets out the process by which places are allocated.
Finding the right school for your child is always an important step. At Mersea Island School we welcome visitors to the school throughout the year. If you wish to visit the school or have any queries regarding admissions, please contact the school office - see contact details below.

School Age Pupils (aged 4 to 11 years old)
Pupils are admitted to the school in the autumn term following their 4th birthday, although parents may opt for deferred entry for one or two terms after that until the child reaches the age of 5 years. As a Foundation School, the Governing Body are responsible for establishing the Admissions Policy each year. Parents are advised that the Common Application Form supplied by the local authority must be completed for every child to be admitted to mainstream school. These forms are available from the school together with a booklet explaining the process. Parents already living in the locality will receive these documents by post directly from the local authority. We are however very happy to receive enquiries from parents first-hand and to assist them with the formal procedure. Parents/carers are very welcome to visit the school at any time during the year, and we will be pleased to show them around, and answer any questions arising.

Pre-School Pupils (aged 2.5 to 4 or 5 years old)
If you wish your child to attend our Nursery, please contact the school office for the Nursery Admissions Form, which is entirely separate from the Common Application Form mentioned above. Admissions to the Nursery are managed entirely by this school. May we remind you that even if your child attends our Nursery Class, you must still complete the Common Application Form for transfer in to Early Years at the appropriate time.





Timetable for Admissions and Appeals for Children Starting in Reception at Mersea Island School in September 2020



15 January 2020        Closing date for applications.

                                      This is the last day for receipt by the Local Authority

                                      (Essex County Council) of the Common Application

                                      Form, either paper or online.


                                      Applications received after this date will normally

                                      be treated as late applications.


16 April 2020               National Offer Day

                                      Offer letters are sent to all Essex resident applicants by the Local Authority advising parents of 

                                      the outcomof their application.  An email will also be sent to those who applied online who requested

                                      it, confirming the outcome of their application.


If you do NOT receive an email/letter by 23rd April 2020 you should contact the LA School Admissions Team on 0345 603 2200.


18 May 2020                Deadline for Lodging an Appeal

                                     Deadline by when appeals against a refusal of a place should be lodged if you want it to be heard before

                                     the end of the summer term.


June to July 2020      Appeal Hearings

                                    Appeals heard for those lodged by the deadline and where possible for late appeal

                                    (Appeals for applications made within the normal admissions round will be held within 40 school days o

                                    the above deadline. Appeals for late applications will be heard where possible within 40 school days of

                                    the above deadline OR within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged).


September 2020         Appeal hearings for any appeals not heard 

onwards                      before the end of the summer term



Waiting List

The waiting list for Mersea Island School is maintained by the Local Authority until 31 August 2020.   Following that date the waiting list will be maintained by Mersea Island School.