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PE and Sports Premium

Sports Premium and PE Impact Plan 2016-17



Expected outcomes


Improve the quality of teaching and curriculum




Sports coach team teaching and shared planning, observing and giving feedback to staff


 Rugby Pups involvement extended to curriculum time in KS1

Disability for Sport – coaching sessions with classes with wheelchair users

Increased staff confidence across the range of the PE curriculum


 Extend the range of curriculum opportunities for KS1 pupils through specialist teaching

Wheelchair users are fully integrated into class teaching

Pupils and teachers experience range of disability sports

Staff clearer about key skills and expectations

Observations of lessons show high proportion are good or better

 All classes in KS1 accessed specialist coaching, extending skills base in games skills

6 sessions for each of 2 classes

Pupils engaged in range of disability sports.

Increased opportunities to participate in a range of clubs and competitions

Develop squash provision through staff training and additional out of school club








 Netball club started (KS2)

TA trained as squash coach

Staff development

Competition participation







Engage KS2 girls in after school club

Trained TA now taking on squash coaching within and beyond school

All KS2 pupils participate in intra year group competition and access squash courts at community centre

2 after school clubs running at community centre

Inter school and county competitions entered

20 plus pupils regularly attending all year round

Improving pupils’ health and well-being

Initiate energy club

Targeted groups of pupils invited to participate to increase levels of activity and promote positive attitude

80 pupils regularly participated in additional physical activity January to July

Using sport and physical activity to impact on whole school priorities

Outdoor learning – develop wider range of activities using outdoor learning




Pupils more engaged in their learning

Teachers plan a wider range of activities


Raise activity levels and promote positive attitudes to learning

All themes contained additional outdoor-based activities. Pupil views very positive, evidence of writing outcomes improved when based on outdoor learning activities

Raised activity levels for participating classes. Teachers report improved attitudes to learning