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PE and Sports Premium

Sports Premium and PE Impact Plan 2016-17

Grant for 2016-17 £9450



Expected outcomes


Improve the quality of teaching and curriculum




Sports coach team teaching and shared planning, observing and giving feedback to staff

Cost of coaches £6000





 Rugby Pups curriculum time in KS1

Cost £1200

Increased staff confidence across the range of the PE curriculum






 Extended range of curriculum opportunities for KS1 pupils through specialist teaching

Sports coaches bring their own expertise and ideas to fill gaps where staff lack the expertise across a range of sports

Squash, football – all year groups, rugby – KS1 and year 5, specialist coach working with year 6, cricket years 4-6


Rugby Pups KS1 in summer term



Increased opportunities to participate in a range of clubs and competitions

Join Blackwater Sports Partnership and participate in TS consortium inter school competitions


 Develop provision through staff training and extend range of clubs to raise participation

Cost £500











Wider range of sports teams representing the school and therefore more pupils



 Engage KS2 girls in after school club



 Extend range of activities for younger children


Kayak Club launched

Teams competing successfully in a range of events, but seeking a ‘league’ for netball and football from September 2017.

 Netball coach has retained a consistent group of girls this year. Cricket Club has a good balance of boys and girls. Parkour was initially popular, but has been hard to sustain.

 Rugger Kidz commenced Summer 2017

 Majority of year 5 pupils have participated. Need to consider ways of extending the use of the kayaks to other pupil groups

Improving pupils’ health and well-being

Golden / Daily Mile is part of school routine for many classes




 Some disadvantaged pupils are funded to participate in out of school sports clubs and additional swimming lessons in year 4. £500

Targeted to increase levels of activity and promote positive attitude




 Promote a healthy lifestyle for disadvantaged pupils

Many pupils enjoy this and see it as part of their day. Encourages some children to run at lunchtime. Some SEN pupils now use ‘running laps’ as a brain break from their work.


Using sport and physical activity to impact on whole school priorities

Outdoor learning and PE equipment range extended

Cost £1000


Pupils more engaged in their learning

Teachers plan a wider range of activities




 Raise activity levels and promote positive attitudes to learning

Staff reviewing long term plans and looking at including more outdoor learning in all themes, plus introduction of a fun club for some SEN pupils which features more outdoor learning opportunities


Continue to monitor