Squash challenges for April 2020 updated 13th April 

Try some of these challenges to improve your racket skills.

Video 1 is of Daryl Selby - local professional player and Commonwealth Silver medalist who came to our school in 2018 to let us see the medal.

Daryl started the #bogrollchallenge online, to inspire people to take part in challenges to get a squash ball into a toilet roll (please note not all toilet rolls have a large enough hole to fit a squash ball!) since this video went live lots of people across the world have continued the challenges and invented other challenges all from the confines of their homes.

Daryl Selby #bogrollchallenge

30 bounce challenge

30 floor bounces in a row

Reversing racket head challenge

Trick shot 1

Forehand volley

Backhand volley

Rally with a friend or partner

Forehand-racket edge-backhand REPEAT

Target time

Squggling ‎(Squash-juggling)‎

Slow-mo squggling so you can see what to do!