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Inter County Championships - Nottingham

posted Jan 20, 2020, 11:50 PM by S Meanley   [ updated Jan 21, 2020, 5:18 AM ]

Two Mersea School pupils Lucy (year 6) and Grace (year 3) traveled to Nottingham at the weekend to contest the Inter County Championships with the best of the best from England's 48 counties on behalf of Essex  County Junior Squash as part of their girls under 11 team, Lucy as seed two and Grace as seed 3.

They all won one of their matches to finish in 6th position. Some great experience gained at Nottingham Squash Club which has ten courts and then day two at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground (inside the hallowed gates) where there are four courts available.

Grace's giant serve catching many an experienced player out and Lucy's determination to never give up on a ball saw some others tumble. Both girls were part of the Essex School Games the day before.

Essex vs Surrey

Grace 7-11 2-11 6-11
Lucy 4-11 3-11 6-11

Essex vs Hertfordshire

Grace 11-7 11-4 11-3
Lucy 11-4 11-7 11-5

Essex vs Warwickshire

Grace 3-11 8-11 7-11
Lucy 6-11 11-6 2-11 5-11

2 x Essex School Games County Champion teams

posted Jan 17, 2020, 5:52 AM by S Meanley   [ updated Jan 20, 2020, 11:51 PM ]

Mersea EFS squash team went one better at the start of the new decade than last year.

The Essex School Games run by Active Essex in conjunction with Essex County Council saw Mersea's year 5 team of Sonny, Evan, Grace and Phoebe improve on last years runner up spot by taking the win and county title in emphatic style, only dropping 4 points from a clean sweep throughout the tournament, with both Grace and Phoebe keeping a clean sheet being unbeaten throughout.

Mersea won with 216 points

41-28 v Highfields    2nd 177
43-23 v Ardleigh       3rd 165
44-17 v Tiptree         4th 163
44-20 v Felsted        5th 140
44-11 v Langham     6th 110 

The icing on the cake was when the year 6 team of Hugh, Ollie, Lucy and Emma backed up the year 5's by taking the year 6 title also, with Hugh and Emma unbeaten in this section.

Mersea won with 240 points

39-24 v  Ardleigh     2nd 216
36-26 v Felsted 1    3rd 213
39-21 v Felsted 2    4th 206
42-27 v Tiptree        5th 168
40-17 v Lawford      6th 139
44-14 v Highfields   7th 120 

More importantly than the double county title for EFS Mersea School squash team was the manners of our teams on and off the court. A pleasure as always to take, and noticed by the organisers of the event.

A big thank you to Off The Wall Squash who run the event so beautifully, a real joy to have adult markers on all courts to help with the smooth running. Also without the help of our parent drivers, events like this are impossible (unless we buy a bus), so a huge thank you for the on call drivers for the day.


Lexden Grand Prix number 4

posted Jan 5, 2020, 12:26 PM by S Meanley   [ updated Jan 5, 2020, 12:27 PM ]

Nine current Mersea School members ranging from year 3 to year 6 took part in the fourth Essex Junior Squash Grand Prix series number 4 held at Lexden rackets club at Chitts Hill in Colchester.

Lucy (year 6) taking a good runner up spot in the combined Girls year 6 & 8 and under category group A, Lucy winning all but one of her matches. 

Grace (year 3) continued a dominant run in competitions by playing up an age group in the  girls under 6 group B category and winning all but one of her matches she and two others also finished on 7 games won a piece one of these being our own Emma (year 6). This called for a points count back seeing the win going to someone that Grace had beaten, Grace taking 2nd and 3rd place to Emma. Phoebe came 4th in the same group pushing Emma to all five games and one of them running to 17-15.

Lucas and Stefan (year 3) both took on the boys year 4 and under category taking 5th and 4th respectively and having some tough battles with some very experiences campaigners in the grand prix series, all valuable learning for the future.

Chase (year 5) took on group B year 6 and under category and after winning one match took home 4th place, after a week of not being very well was a good result.

Evan and Oscar (year 5) took on year 6 and under C group, Evan winning two of his four matches, a great start and taking 4th place. Oscar showing grit and determination and kept fighting for every point (a classic Mersea trait) taking 5th spot.

For those eagle eyed among you will see the new banners behind the prize winners have none other than Mersea's Grace emblazoned on them for years to come, and those with really good eyesight may spot some other past and present Mersea players.

Grace takes U11 runner up at Connaught Dec 2019

posted Dec 21, 2019, 2:05 PM by S Meanley   [ updated Dec 21, 2019, 2:05 PM ]

Diminutive player (only in size, definitely not in ability) Grace from year 3 took on both girls under 11 and girls under 13 at recent Essex Junior squash bronze tournament at Connaught Club in London 21st December 2019.

Taking good points from all matches played, Grace narrowly missed in the GU11 final taking a game 1-3 to take home the runner up medal. Grace has been working hard on her volleys (where you hit the ball before it bounces to take away time from the opponent) and her serves, which came in to good effect at this tournament.

Mersea team members score two wins at Grand Prix 3 - Woodford Wells

posted Dec 8, 2019, 11:52 AM by S Meanley   [ updated Dec 8, 2019, 11:52 AM ]

Three of the recent Lexden Cup winning team members took on the Essex Junior Squash Junior Grand Prix at Woodford Wells, Woodford Green in Essex at the weekend.
They carried on their winning streak with Grace (year 3) taking all her matches in the Girls year 4 and under group to return home with yet another winners medal on the Grand Prix circuit with another year still left in this category. Lucy (year 6) took all three of her matches in the year 6 and under category only slipping one game from a clean sheet, looking very strong in her age group to take the winners medal. Phoebe (year 5 and still with a year left in the same year 6 and under age group), came close to taking a game from the winner just missing out 11-9 and took a game from another very experienced player. Everything aligning for Phoebe for a killer run next year when she reaches the top  of the age group.

Mersea Year 6 Lexden Cup Winners

posted Dec 6, 2019, 12:45 PM by S Meanley   [ updated Dec 6, 2019, 12:48 PM ]

Mersea Island School fielded two teams with reserves in the year 6 Lexden Cup held at Lexden Squash and Rackets Club.
Grace, Zara, Lucy, Emma, Phoebe, Sonny, Hugh, Oli, Chase, Oscar, Evan and Charlie making up the two teams.

Mersea A and Mersea B were up first against each other, Mersea A taking the win 60-34, Grace coming the closest in the B team to toppling a Mersea A player just missing out by one point 14-15.

Mersea A then faced Tiptree Heath and then Stanway Primary School taking both wins 60-32 and 60-10 respectfully to remain unbeaten (Hugh, Sonny, Lucy and Emma) throughout the tournament.

Mersea B took on the teams in reverse order winning 60-9 against Stanway and narrowly missing out against Tiptree 40-48 Grace being the only Mersea B player to win a match against Tiptree.

The final scores were:

1st Mersea A    180
2nd Tiptree        140
3rd Mersea B    134
4th Stanway        23

What makes this finish so good is Mersea School were fielding the future as well as the present, 1 x year 3 player; 6 x year 5 players and only 5 x year 6 players and they were only 6 points off runner up spot too, showing our strength beyond year 6.

A huge thank you to Mrs Andrews, Mrs Peachey and Mrs Mussett for driving to and from the event, we are unable to compete in events like this without parent support.

Mersea have now qualified a year 5 and year 6 team at the Essex School Games in association with Active Essex at the Corporal Budd Gymnasium in January 2020.

Lucy bags OTWS level 4 award

posted Dec 5, 2019, 12:54 PM by S Meanley   [ updated Dec 5, 2019, 12:54 PM ]

Lucy (year 6) has achieved her level 4 Off The Wall Squash junior progress award.

The OTWS Junior Progress Awards are six skill-based awards for young players to help with their development whilst providing the coach with a package that can add value to  junior squash sessions by providing additional activities to deliver.

The OTWS Progress Awards have been developed by OTWS coaching and development team to provide a logical step by step package that will help young players learn, practice and be consistent in a range of on court activities.

Well done Lucy.

Mersea EFS team win year 5 Lexden Cup for third successive year.

posted Nov 15, 2019, 1:55 PM by S Meanley   [ updated Nov 15, 2019, 11:04 PM ]

Mersea Island School in EFS sponsored team kit fielded two teams of four and two reserve substitutes for the Lexden Cup 2019 year 5 competition.

The teams consisted of: Sonny, Evan, Phoebe, Grace (yr3), Chase, Oscar, Zara, Izzy, Monia and Harley.

Mersea A had to play their own home team Mersea B first and the hardest test for them claiming a 43-21 victory with three wins and only one point dropped from a full house. They went on to face Tiptree A taking a decisive win 40-19 and followed this up with full marks finishes against Tiptree B 44-6 and Stanway 44-18 to slap an unbeatable lead of 171 points on the leader board with only 5 points dropped in all 16 matches. The girls Phoebe and Grace taking no prisoners and winning all their matches.

Mersea B started by taking 21 points from Mersea A team and this was the highest amount of points taken by any other team from Mersea A. Oscar the only one winning a match here for the B team. Mersea B went on to play Stanway taking the win 39-25, Tiptree A with a narrow 30-37 battle and then followed up with Tiptree B this time winning 37-31. The three girls Zara, Izzy and Monia winning all their matches except in the Mersea A head to head.

All players played brilliantly, with honesty, integrity and great team spirit. They shook hands after every match and thanked markers. They shook hands with event organiser Paul Allen and thanked him for the tournament. They clapped good shots from other schools. The children from Mersea are a pleasure to take out to represent Mersea School. 

Final placings:

1st     Mersea A    171
2nd    Tiptree A      133
3rd     Mersea B    127
4th      Stanway      109
5th      Tiptree B       91

Each child from every school entered also received a voucher for several free coaching sessions at Lexden squash and rackets club. This is a valuable prize and hope everyone will take up the offer.

Events like this are impossible without the support of parents and a huge thank you must go to the Mrs Yuzen and Mrs Woodhead for driving some of the team to the venue. Mersea also had lots of parents to watch at the venue and support the teams, thank you to you all and for the extra offers of lifts, this makes a huge difference to all the players.

Lucy is POTM for October

posted Nov 15, 2019, 1:20 PM by S Meanley   [ updated Nov 15, 2019, 1:21 PM ]

Lucy (year 6) is player of the month at Off the Wall squash for October 2019.

They say about her:

The OTW player of the month for October is Lucy. Lucy is an up and coming talent from Mersea and has been improving fantastically well. Lucy attends squad two to three times a week and is very committed to her squash. During training sessions she is growing in confidence and working hard to develop her game. In September she finished runner up in the Essex Closed only missing out narrowly in the final. She has been selected to represent the Essex Under 11 team at the November Inter county event. All the coaches love Lucy's attitude to her development and are excited for her future. Well done Lucy we are proud of how far you have come. Keep working hard Lucy.

Inter-county team success

posted Nov 11, 2019, 5:59 AM by S Meanley   [ updated Nov 11, 2019, 5:59 AM ]

Three current Mersea students were selected for Essex Junior Squash Inter-County teams at the weekend. Hugh (year 6) playing for the boys under 13B team and making up two thirds of the girls under 11 team were Lucy (also year 6) and Grace (year 3).

Hugh's team consisted of 5 players with him playing in 3rd seed position playing at Purley Sports Club. The team lost 2-3 to Oxfordshire, 0-5 to Kent but won 4-1 against bucks A team, which is good going from a B team side finishing up in 3rd in their group.

With Lucy in 2nd seed and Grace in 3rd seed position the girls started the day at Purley Sports Club taking on Sussex all three girls looking strong and winning 3-0 against all players from the other side. They then faced Hampshire (who are generally a strong team) and this time the scores went the other way but lots of experience learnt. The final showdown was against Dorset and all three girls returned to winning form dispatching all players 3-0 to take eventual second place in the group. This leaves the GU11 side waiting for confirmation from England Squash to see if they progress to the finals in January in Nottingham.

Well done to you all for your selections to the teams. Almost 20% of players selected for the Essex teams this year were either current or past pupils of Mersea. Fielding players in GU11 x2 BU13 x3 BU15 x1 GU15 x 2 and GU17 x1 showing great progression after leaving the school.

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