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Mersea win Essex School Games

posted Jan 20, 2018, 1:11 AM by S Meanley   [ updated Jan 20, 2018, 2:28 AM ]

Mersea had such strength in their squash players this year that they sent three teams to the Essex School Games held at Corporal Budd Gymnasium in Colchester. 

Mersea year 6 A team: Henry, George (still in year 5 and playing up an age group), Amelie and Ruby, our Lexden Cup winning team.
Mersea year 6 B team: Aidan, Harrison, Charlotte and Beatrice, our Lexden Cup runners up team.
Mersea year 5 team: Sid, Daniel, India and Alice, a new team for this year.

Mersea year 6 B team took wins in the group stages against Holland Park 36-12, Tiptree 36-18 and Elmstead 36-13 (36 being full marks). The only defeats being against Lawford the first match of the day and it was close at 24-31 where two of our team won and two of Lawford won the difference only being 7 points and Ardleigh 35-20.
This put Mersea B in the play offs for 5th and 6th against Felsted after both teams finished third in their respective group stages. Mersea boys came out strong and took the first two matches and the girls put in a fight but the Felsted girls were slightly stronger leaving the difference on points to decide the places. Mersea 25 and Felsted 29 for Mersea to take 6th place out of 11 teams (the best in Essex as they all had to qualify for the event) and were the highest placed B team at the event. 

Both Beatrice and Aidan only dropped 1 point throughout the entire day of competition, and Beatrice takes a special mention in her group for fairplay and attitude.

Mersea year 5 team took wins against Brooklands 29-16, Elmstead 36-6, and Langham 32-15. Against Felsted it could not have been tighter with Felsted just clinching it 29-30 and Lawford inched ahead with 25-27. This was a fabulous showing for the new team and they finished in bronze medal position. Sid noticeably winning all his matches and being the best sportsman of the day in his team for behaviour on court and honesty (a Mersea trait).

I leave the best to last, three of the current Mersea A team were present at last year's Essex School Games and took home the winners trophy in the year 5 group. This year with the addition of George (as already mentioned still in year 5) the team worked together to take wins in the group stages against Gt Bromley 31-16, Felsted 36-9, Elmstead 36-5, and Holland Park 36-2. This sat them at the top of group one with a semi final place against Lawford which they walked away with the win at 36-5 and a place in the final with Gt Bromley who won their semi final. Mersea stepped up to the plate and deservedly took the win and the best year 6 team in Essex award trophy 34-20. Henry Amelie and George remained unbeaten throughout the day and Henry won best sportsmanship award in his team.

For me, what makes Mersea school so good at squash currently is the resilience that our teams are showing. If they are beaten, rather than being upset, they come and ask what they can do to improve, they have made the link that working harder gets the results in the end, that losing today is a learning point for tomorrow. They are passionate about the sport, and they are fair beyond a fault.

Well done Team Mersea.