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Parent Council 10th Feb 2022

Parent Council Meeting – Thursday 10th February 2022


  • What is going well?
  • Is there anything you would like to know more about?
  • Is there anything you think, we could improve on, as a school?
  • Any questions or AOB?


What is going well?


My child is really flourishing at school. The teachers know my child well and know how to get the best from him. He is closing the gap which is great.

It was good to have the parents evening, just a shame it was not in person.

Both my children seem really happy in terms of the class content and structure.  The Year 5 production and sports is really being enjoyed.  There is now a lot more PE which the children are enjoying.

The newsletters are really good and the new format with the calendar dates is really helpful.

Communication with the school is going well and the response of the school to individual concerns a parent might have is really good.

Everything always feels like it is smooth running and it has been amazing how the school has kept going.

The children appear to have greater resilience in terms of being able to adapt to different adults.

Remote provision has been a bit of a life saver - the children have really enjoyed it. 

We have all developed new skills!

Parents evening worked really well because we could be in any location and still dial in/access the sessions. 

The booking system for parents evening was seamless and better than before.

Recognition cards are making a real difference to my child.  Taking a positive approach and for the child to have instant recognition is working really well and a positive impact on their self-esteem.


Is there anything you would like to know more about?


Are you going to run a cycling course this year?

This course is run by ECC and unfortunately they have not been able to commit (possible due to Covid0 Miss Poole will make some enquiries.

The Northern Gateway is offering opportunities for children to develop their cycling skills.


At what point do you think parents will be able to come back in to school?


As soon as we are able.  Our priority is obviously on keeping everyone safe and ensuring that we have sufficient staff to teach pupils. 

We are as keen as parents to get back to face to face and inviting parents in so be reassured that we will return to welcoming parents back in as soon as our context allows. 


Is there anything you think, we could improve on, as a school?


Nothing springs to mind, as a parent, I could not wish for a better school.  I would not like to change a single thing about my child’s experience.

No other questions were asked.


Discussion followed regarding forward planning, thinking for September and beyond. 

Continued focus on school improvement and ensuring we are doing our very best to provide our pupils with the best possible learning experiences. 


Any questions or AOB?

None raised.