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Parent Council 24th Sept 2020

Parent Council Virtual Meeting 24th September


Thank you to those people who attended the virtual meeting today.

The discussions focused around parent experiences of lockdown, the return to school, what has gone well and what we could improve on. We also discussed communication and opportunities for parents to view what is happening in school.


The feedback was overwhelmingly positive about all aspects of the school’s response and support during the lockdown and return to school period.

  • Parents felt that we listened and responded to feedback quickly to make improvements.
  • Parents praised staff for the level of support and communication throughout the lockdown period.
  • Parents reported how smooth the transition back in to school had been for their children.
  • Parents reported how much their children enjoyed the school lunches and how lucky they are to have multiple options and all food prepared freshly on site each day.


  • There was mixed feedback regarding the new Parentpay app but it was felt that it would take time for people to get used to the new system.
  • The new website was complimented.


The areas for further focus were:

  • Consider how we can further improve opportunities for communication with the class teacher. In contrast to the level of interaction throughout the lockdown period, there is much less conversation now that the children are back at school.
  • Consider end of day arrangements for bad weather days.
  • Is it possible to have videos of what is happening in school, e.g. for parents to see what a lunchtime looks like?
  • It was suggested that we should promote school dinners more widely as it was felt that some parents may not realise just what is on offer or the size of the portions.


Thank you to those parents who attended and for their contributions.

Please do remember everyone is welcome to these very informal meetings so please do join us next time.