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Parent Council 25th March 2021

Feedback regarding Lockdown and return to school for all pupils – a parent voice


 ‘We were amazed at how well organised and how quickly the plans kicked in.  Initially we were apprehensive about having three lessons throughout the day but it actually worked really well.  We realised that compared to other schools, what we were getting was really good.'


‘Sometimes the children found three meets a lot but there was flexibility about the attendance at the last session.  Generally worked really well.’

‘Much easier this time with the online lessons, my child was much more focused and it really helped.’


‘Drop off and pick up systems seem to work really well. It runs as smoothly as could be expected.’

Points for consideration:

‘Be aware of the content/tone of emails which are sent out as reminders.’

Parent voice on processes – what should we keep/change?

Thoughts on maintaining drop off procedure currently in place:

‘I am happy with the way the children walk in to school independently.’

‘I agree, I haven’t seen lots of clingy children, it makes the children feel a lot more grown up. I would be happy for it to continue like this.’

‘I think it makes them feel more grown up and I really like it.’

‘I have a Reception child, it works for us to be able to drop him at the door.’

‘I think pick up also works well.’

Point for consideration:

‘When we pick up from Year 2, past Year 1 it gets crowded.’


Communication – newsletter and class emails.

Not all parents seem to be reading the newsletter.

‘Due to the current situation, parents are not having the chance to talk and share information either.’

‘Handy to have the school meal menu attached.’


What is important to you? Your views?

‘The most important thing is for my child to have a positive experience at school.  Everyone he comes in to contact with, at the moment, does that and is focused on making his school experience as enjoyable as possible.’

‘From and academic point of view, it is important for me that my children get the help and support they need to enable them to be successful. From a wellbeing point of view, after the lockdown, my children were a little grumpy but when they came back to school they were so happy.  My son comes home happy. The school makes them happy.’

‘The most important thing for us is that the children are happy.  They go in and come home happy.  People welcome them in smiling which makes the children feel relaxed and comfortable.’

‘The little things make a real difference to the children like the snow machine, the music on the playground.’

‘The children are all so happy to get in to school. My child is so much happier since being back in school. My child received additional help during the lockdown which brought him on loads. I couldn’t ask for anything more.’

Point for consideration:

‘I would like to see more academic clubs going forwards, maybe coding or robotics to give them a taste of other things and different subjects.’


What is happening within the school?  Update from Headteacher regarding projects, both curriculum resource and site focused.

‘It is nice to know what the school is spending money on and what the projects are so that parents can contribute if they wish to.’

‘It is a good idea to share these things with parents so they know what is going on and have the choice to contribute if they would like.’



No questions raised.



Parking outside the school continues to be an issue. Despite repeated requests for parents to be considerate, they move elsewhere and continue to be inconsiderate.

Parents are parking in the St Helena Hospice shop car park – concerns raised re traffic.

Some parents are now parking on pavements.

Is there a possibility of having a crossing outside the pedestrian gate?