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Parent Council 29th Sept 2021

Parent Council Meeting - Wednesday 29th September 2021


This evening's meeting was focused on gathering a 'parent voice' about what is going well, to share suggestions for improvement and also to have the opportunity to ask any questions. 

Discussions were focused on the following:

  • What is going well?
  • Is there anything you would like to know more about?
  • Is there anything you think, we could improve on, as a school?
  • Are there any parent workshops you would like?
  • HT update on SDP, our vision and areas of focus, projects within the school.
  • Any questions or AOB?


Parent views:

What is going well? 

Drop off arrangements and appreciation of change for current Year One pupils.

After school clubs - the broad range available, children very happy.

The new, more structured approach towards homework, alternating English and maths and having clear routines and a homework book is working really well. Children seem more enthusiastic to complete it.  Good preparation for the 'next stage' when our pupils go on to secondary school.

Remote learning provision has been very good, contact makes a real difference.

Emails from class teachers to provide information and explanations are really helpful.

Times Tables Rock Stars is really good.

Changes to the approach in dealing with colour changes, not showing colour cards in class is better. 


Is there anything you would like to know more about? 

After school clubs - charging for after school clubs.  A question was raised about how the charging works for after school clubs and why we are now charging.  

Mrs Wright explained that the clubs after school are additional provision, beyond the curriculum and in order for us to be able to offer the provision we need to cover our costs.  Parents are fully aware of the clubs and costs involved and are actively encouraged to contact the school if they are experiencing any kind of financial hardship, as we always do our best to support all our pupils. 

Ship tokens - What are they awarded for? 

Mrs Wright explained that Ship tokens are awarded to children for going 'over and above', exceeding 4 x reading homework, 4 x times tables practise, demonstrating behaviours which are over and above within and around the school etc.  Children have Ship token cards which they record their Ship tokens on and they also add a Ship counter to their whole ship total every time they gain a Ship token.  Totals for the ships can be seen on the website at the end of each half term.  Children are celebrated in assemblies, either class or Friday celebration and receive certificates/awards when they reach milestones. 

Learning Passports - More information and guidance on Learning Passports would be welcomed. Mrs Wright will ask Mrs Barnes (lead on Outdoor Education), to share more information with parents - to be circulated shortly. 


Is there anything, you think, we could improve on? 


School dinners - Could we have greater variety , more diverse, greener options? 

Mrs Wright has fed this back to Mrs Gould (the kitchen manager).


Reports and colour coding - can we be mindful of the colours used for attainment and effort as these are the same as for behaviour and some children get confused.  Also some children can feel sad when they see red for attainment. 

This has been diarised for discussion with SLT. 


Are there any parent workshops you would like? 


Internet safety - online safety formed part of our conversations and although wasn't directly raised as an issue from those in the room, it was generally agreed that it would be a good topic to engage parents in, with careful consideration as to how we reach all parents. 


ACL courses could be further promoted as one parent reported he had completed a course and found it useful. 


The School Development Plan was not shared as we ran over time. 


Any questions? 


Will choir be starting again? We are looking in to this for Autumn 2 hopefully (there are lots of other clubs currently running).

Will there be parents to lunch? (Covid dependent)

It would be lovely for new parents to have the opportunity to come in and see the school in action. Mrs Wright is considering how we can facilitate this. 


Thank you to all those who attended.