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Parent Council 2nd December 2021

Parent Council Meeting - Thursday 2nd December 2021


This evening's meeting was focused on gathering a 'parent voice' about what is going well, to share suggestions for improvement and also to have the opportunity to ask any questions. 

Discussions were focused on the following:


  • What is going well?
  • Is there anything you would like to know more about?
  • Is there anything you think, we could improve on, as a school?
  • HT update on SDP, our vision and areas of focus, projects within the school.
  • Any questions or AOB?


Parent views:


What is going well? 

How the school has kept things running, given all that has been going on.

Virtual provision for pupils who have been hit by Covid - 'I cannot speak highly enough...'

'It meant when my child was at home, he was not so isolated.'

Email correspondence with class teachers.  Teachers sending the homework details out and other information is really useful. 

Class assemblies were really lovely, especially the Year 4 one. 'I would like to say well done to the staff and pass on how impressed I was.'

After school clubs - 'The variety of clubs is very impressive.'

The rotas for football and basketball - 'The children like knowing when it is their turn and look forward to it.'

Virtual Year 6 assembly was a great experience to see what the children have been learning about. 

Reading 'Catch Up' is going really well.


Is there anything you would like to know more about? 

Homework club - how does it work? 

Expectations with regards to parents wishing to speak to the teachers when they have any concerns or would like to discuss something. 


Is there anything, you think we could improve on as a school? 

It would be nice for parents to be emailed by the class teacher if there is something which comes up in discussions with the children or if there are any particularly whole class discussions/issues which the parents could then follow up on. 

Consider the acoustics when delivering remote/virtual assemblies as sometimes it is difficult to hear what the children are saying. 


HT update on SDP, our vision and areas of focus, projects within the school.

Mrs Wright gave an overview of the projects within school which have been completed , including the external fencing, refurbishment of the IT suite and  improvements to the learning environment.  Areas of focus going forwards include continuing to increase and enhance curriculum resources for all pupils, a review of our behaviour policy so that it reflects the Trauma Perceptive Practice approach and broadening the children's knowledge and understanding of diversity. Mrs Wright also shared the proposed extra curricular clubs for the first half of the spring term.  All those present were impressed with the variety.  Discussion followed regarding how good it was that the school was offering a wide range of opportunities for children to try new things.  It was noted by one parent that their child also was engaging with the football and rugby club provision on the island, which they felt gave the children additional quality sporting opportunities/provision. 


Any questions or AOB? 

One parent enquired how the staff were. Mrs Wright shared that the staff are a fabulous team who have worked incredibly hard to meet the challenges faced. The changes in guidance regarding how we manage Covid has caused an increase in anxiety for all but everyone was working to ensure the children are safe, happy and in the best possible place to learn. Mrs Wright thanked the parent for their kindness in asking about the staff. 

The question was raised regarding how the staff felt about the school going back in to another lockdown.  Mrs Wright reported that the teachers realised during the last lockdown just how passionately they felt about being in the classroom with the children and how important this was for them.