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Mersea Island School

Vision and Values

Mersea Island School is proud to be at the heart of our island community.  We recognise the importance of strong partnerships and work together, closely, with all members of our community to provide our pupils with a wide range of learning opportunities, both within and beyond the school setting.  Our school culture is founded on the belief that every child has the capacity to be successful.  We believe learning should be enjoyable and memorable and we embrace the creative aspects of the curriculum. 

Our curriculum drivers are based on:

        C ommunity

      A spiration

  R espect

       E njoyment

At our school we care about each and every child and their family. We pride ourselves on the strength of our relationships and we encourage open and honest conversation, based on mutual respect and a shared view that every child leaves us having achieved the very best they possibly can.  We equip our pupils with the necessary life skills to be successful, kind and respectful members of the wider world.