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Parent Council 5th October 2022

Parent Council Meeting – Wednesday 5th October 2022


  • What is going well?
  • Is there anything which we could improve on? 
  • Trips, visits and extra curricular provision feedback from parents. 
  • HT to share School Development Plan. 
  • Any questions or AOB?


What is going well?


  • Transition in for Reception pupils enabled pupils to settle in to school life easily.
  • Improvements to the school environment were really noticeable.
  • Smooth transition in to current year group - everyone was well informed and this enabled pupils to transition without fear or anxiety.
  • Open Classrooms were very well attended.  The children were so keen to share their work and show parents their classrooms.  


Is there anything which we could improve on? 


  •  Coming out of school at the end of the day - there are lots of children who are brought to the middle playground by the hall and this can feel chaotic. 
  • At drop off, it can be a little rushed.


Feedback on trips, visits and extra curricular provision


  • Girls football club has been well received. 
  • Dodgeball, gardening are popular.
  • Variety of opportunities is really good. 
  • Instalment idea is very good as is the £1 club offer.
  • Pleased with more choice for KS1 this half term.


Questions raised? 


  • Can we have a chess club? 
  • Can we have a recorder club? 
  • Can we have Open Classrooms more throughout the year? 


General discussion followed about other aspects of school life


  • Traffic light coding in Reading Records/HW diaries - is the traffic lighting necessary? 
  • Can we ensure parents are really clear about ticking/signing for maths homework? 
  • Can we share information about Times Tables Rock Stars and the awards system as not everyone understands this or is aware of it. 
  • A couple of questions were raised regarding whether children's names are being put on the board with a tally to show 'warnings'.  HT explained that this is not our policy and that names are on boards for many reasons, often reminders, groups, praise etc. 
  • A suggestion was made regarding whether it would be a good idea for pupils to come to school in their PE kits on the days they have PE.  Discussion followed about pros and cons of this.  DHT explained the importance of changing and independence for younger pupils as it is a life skill.  Discussion included that of hygiene, clothing choices and the sense of belonging that is gained when everyone is in their uniform. 


Is there anything you think, we could improve on, as a school?


  •  The school should 'shout' more about all the good things it does. Perhaps in the weekly newsletter, local paper? 
  • Could put a 'Did you know?' in the newsletter to remind parents about the impact of reading with their children, attendance etc? 


Mrs Wright shared the priorities on the School Development Plan with parents and asked them for their thoughts. Those present did not feel there was anything missing and were in agreement with priorities outlined. 


Below is a summary of feedback also received via email:


What is going well?

  • Our child has settled well into school, is really motivated and happy. 
  • We have been really impressed with communication from the school and the politeness and kindness of the staff. 
  • Our daughter love the dinner staff.
  • We are delighted with how our daughter has settled into school, the staff have been fantastic supporting her with things she finds challenging at lunchtime in the hall. 
  • Great start to the new term.


Is there anything which we could improve on? 

  • Could the formal classes for Reception be set earlier on? 
  • Staff need to ensure they introduce themselves during 'Play and Stay' sessions to new parents. 
  • Could information be filtered so it is only sent to those who it is applicable to? 
  • Snack prices seem to have gone up!
  • Sometimes my daughter gets bored of TTRS, are there different motivators? 


Our next parent drop in will be on 1st December 09:00 - 10:00

I look forward to welcoming you.