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Parent Council Meetings

Welcome to the Parent 'Council'.  All parents are invited and automatically become members when their child enrols at Mersea Island School. 

There are six meetings for Parent Council throughout the year, one per half term. Although it sounds quite formal it really isn't! It is an opportunity for you to join me, the Headteacher,  and the Deputy - Miss Poole, to share your views on the things that matter to you as a parent.  You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, make suggestions, listen to what other parents are saying and contribute to these discussions - all with the aim of us doing our very best for the children who attend our school. 

Your feedback is listened to and does affect change for the better within the school. Parent partnerships with the school are absolutely integral to the success of our children, so your views really do matter to us. 

Meetings normally take place within school, though due to Covid they will be virtual for the foreseeable future.  Should you wish to join us at the next meeting, please email me using so I can send you an invitation code. 


Look forward to seeing you at the next meeting. 


Kind Regards

Mrs T Wright